2012 NMMU George Student Council welcomes you

George Student Council 2010

The George Campus Student Council welcomes you to it's website and thus further encourages you to fully utilise this website so as to inform us of anything that you think and believe that SC should address.

We want to address all matters relating to students to make the George Campus a suitable environment for teaching, learning and research as well as exploring the various aspects of life arround us. Let us work together and make George in particular Saasveld a place to be!

This website will keep you up to date with all Student Coucnil events and news on our campus in general. We do this, with the belief that students are the biggest stakeholders in any university and thus, it is your right to be informed of everything happening inthis university.


  • Build a strong, dedicated SC and SRC leadership,
  • Unite all Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University students of the George Campus under the SC banner and thereby under the banner of the central SRC.
  • Maintain the SC’s special position and status in managing student life on the George Campus.


  • To represent and act in the interest of all registered students.
  • To preserve and promote the honour and interests of the University and of the students.
  • To encourage unity and peace within the student body.
  • To uphold justice and order in the student body.
  • To encourage good co-operation between the student body, its affiliates and the University authorities.
  • To be a catalyst in the transformation process of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
  • To encourage all parties involved in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to create a climate conducive to research, learning and teaching.
  • To promote, protect and advance the interests of all students regardless of race, class, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, political affiliation, disability or ideology.


  • Democracy
  • Unity
  • Non discrimination
  • Equality
  • Accountability
  • Effective governance
  • Academic Excellence
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